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Shell ThicknessShell Thickness
Shell Thickness In a nutshell, the thicker the shell, the more higher it will sound. The thinner the shell, the lower it will sound. Don't get caught up in plies. You can't always judge a shell's...
Drumshell - Shell Sizes
Drumshell Sizes The size of a shell is measured in diameter by depth. A 14 inch snare, with a depth of 5 and 1/2 inches would be notated as: 14x5-1/2 (5.5). A 12 inch tom that is 10 inches deep...
Snare Drum Tuning
The same basic drum tuning principles apply to snare drums as apply to toms. The big difference with the snare drum is, well, the snares and a thing called a snare bed and the very thin snare...
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