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Cheap Kids Drum Sets

Cheap Children's Drum Sets

The pros and cons of buying low-cost drums

The articles are intended to provide general advice for purchasers as to what elements indicate quality and which retain value. They are a guideline, use your own judgement, you get what you pay for. Caveat Papa.

Cheap Drum Sets Part 1
Kids Drum Sets Part 1

Caveat Papa!

Advice for parents buying cheap drum sets or kids drum sets

As we can see from the popularity of the Young and Gifted section of Dojo TV, Kids are really starting to demand more and more from their equipment and, consequently, their poor parents who have to pay for it.

This upsurge is great for manufacturers and the drum industry who have created a whole new marketplace for a whole new range of products. Some are genuine innovation, some are simply repackaging.

is 'K...

Kids Drum Sets Part 2
Kids Drum Sets2

Ok so we can all identify this one as a toy, right?

Please let a drummer set the drums up for the photograph next time.

I've left the price in this one. How possibly could this be made and sold for $99 and still make the retailer a profit.

This looks a little more sturdy, It still has the bass spurs that protrude perpendicular to the kick drum to stop it falling over but don't stop it gliding gracefully away from the player with every stroke.

These are starting to look a lo...

Keep it Down!
Keep the Noise Down

Turn It Down!

This section is devoted to reducing the volume of the drum kit.  For some reason, people seem to think drums are loud and annoying. 

Until the glorious revolution, it seems the landlords are still in control, so we need to be able to work around the volume "problem.

We have a soundproofing section

"Seriously, drums are exceedingly loud. Please see the Hearing Protection section of the FAQ (on its way) for more information.

T...

Cheap Kids Drum Sets
Soundproofing For Drummers
Basics of SoundproofingBasics of Soundproofing

This is an introductory article looking at the basic purpose and types of sound insulation that are available to anyone seeking to soundproof a space.

You will find that although the prin...

About Volume
Blasting Music

Blasting music

...can be hard on the ears and the neighbors, and now researchers say it can also pack enough punch to collapse a lung. Reporting in the medical journal Thorax, they describe t...Read More >>

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