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Sound Advice
Sound Advice
RWAR - Room Within A Room
Room Within A Room
 In the simplest terms, sound is waves of energy travelling through the air, just like waves of water on the ocean.  In fact, think for a moment what life would be like if sound WERE water waves.  Your drums, then, would be like a wave generator, slopping water everywhere.&...Read More >>
Soundproofing a Basement Ceiling
Soundproofing a basement ceiling
Yet again, another great article from Doctor Bob O. We here are Drumdojo are extremely grateful for his sharing of his work so freely. This time, we are looking at taking steps to soundproof your basement ceiling. This article recommends the use of expensive MLV - there is an onsite alternative sh...Read More >>
Acoustic Foam
Sound Treatment Using Acoustic Foam
Using Acoustic Foam to treat a room.  It is a common misconception that the funky shaped foam panels we see in recording studios are somehow designed to sound-proof the room and stop noise getting either out or in. They're not. These foam panels are designed to treat the sound w...Read More >>
Soundproofing using Mass Loaded Vinyl [MLV]
Soundproofing using Mass Loaded Vinyl
Soundproofing using DIY Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) It goes without saying that specialist difficulties require specialist solutions; soundproofing of course is a particularly specialist area and therefore the solutions tend to be 'specialist. In most cases, specialist and very expensive are int...Read More >>

Great quality cost-saving solutions for all musicians and for drummers in particular.

This is a massively complicated, and expensive, field yet there are several key steps that make big differenc...Read More >>

Basics of Soundproofing
Basics of SoundproofingBasics of Soundproofing

This is an introductory article looking at the basic purpose and types of sound insulation that are available to anyone seeking to soundproof a space.

You will find that although the prin...

Sound Defined
Sound DefinedSound Defined

So, what is sound?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?.

No. Until there is an ear there is no sound! Sound only qualifies as such...Read More >>

Soundproofing my Garage - BLOG
Soundproofing my Garage - Chris WhealySoundproofing my Garage - Chris Whealy

The aim of the following pages is to show how I converted my garage into a sound-proof drum practice room.
In showing how I built this room, I am not saying that this is exactly how a sound-proof p...

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