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Issue 4 - Construction

Issue#4 Construction

The main construction processes

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Lay The Floor
Soundproof a Room Stage4 Part1Soundproof a Room Stage4 Part1

The floor and walls of the inner room can easily be isolated from the concrete garage floor by putting down a 25mm (1") layer of polystyrene sheet. Despite being polystyrene, this material is very...Read More >>

Building The Stud Wall
Soundproof a Room stage 4 Part 2Soundproof a Room stage 4 Part 2

Erect the inner stud wall

The stud frame for the inner wall was put up next. It would have been better to avoid connecting the top of the uprights to the rafter joists. This causes sound to be tra...Read More >>

default vertical zone
Board Out The Inner Walls
Soundproof a Room Stage 4 Part 3
Finish The Outer Walls
Soundproof a Room Stage 4 Part 4

Construction of the outer wall was actually last stage to be completed, but I'll put it in here because it fits at this point.

The outer wall completed with the doors hung and an access hatch to the roof space above the practice room. The holes drilled in the door are to allow air in when the extractor fan it running.

It was at the point when I put the plasterboard on the outer wall that I discovered how much of a problem had been created by mounting the internal ceiling directly to t...Read More >>

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