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Middle Eastern Percussion

Vic Firth Garibaldi Jam Master Sticks

Vic Firth Garibaldi Jam Masters

- Lyle Caldwell - 2002

Secondary mini review- I bought a new pair of Vic Firth Dave Garibaldi "Jam Masters" the other day, only to find the stick design had changed, in size, shape, weight, and sound.

Not liking the new design, I tried many sticks today, and was very pleased with the Johnny Rabb 5A Traditional and the Rabb Jim Keltner traditional. Both feel great, are very well balanced, are very consistent from pair to pair, and sound wonderful both on drums and on cymbals. Not sure which of the two I prefer yet- the Trad 5A is the best long 5A I've found so far, and feels very quick, but the JK has more meat in the back part of the stick, which makes it easier to use finger control.

Not that my hands are good yet, so take this with a grain of salt, but the Rabbs felt better to me than any of the other brands.

Well worth trying if ou get the opportunity.

Puresound Snares Review

Puresound Snares

Review By Ben Jacoby ©1999

I've spent some time tweaking the Puresound snares I bought at PASIC (special show prices!) and I'll pass on my findings.


Since everyone has been raving about Puresound snares being the ONLY snares to buy, I figured I'd give them a try. I figured anything had to be better than the usual Taiwan fare which seems to be about all you can get these days...

In Ear Monitoring Review

shure_e1_n_rolls1.jpg (23530 bytes)In Ear Monitoring [I.E.M.]

Shure E1 In Ear Monitors with custom moulded ear pieces

Tony Hillhouse (c) 2002

Independent Objective reviews by an end-users of the product

Please forgive the long post, but I wish I would have known about these things YEARS ago.


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