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Adsense FAQ

For Adsense-specific questions Visit the Forum or Google


How much will I get?

The amount of money you receive depends on lots of factors, none of which, apart from targeted site traffic, are anything to do with Drumdojo. Calculation and algorithms are Google's closely-guarded secrets and there is plenty of speculation on the web about what does what..

What is known is that the more traffic, incoming links and visitors you can get to the page, the better for you. Drumdojo provides targeted visitors who are most likely to be interested in your article and in the contextual ads that surround it.

I stress again that good links and large traffic volumes are mostly dependent on your content, presentation/style or both. Write clear articles in accessible language on a subject that people search for - easy!

How many ads are there on the page.

Google permits up to 3 text ads on any webpage in addition to one link ad and one search box. You can see the ads on this page currently :-

  • Large inset square;
  • Right hand column; and,
  • lower left column. I will probably move that to a better paying position.

All non-text ad types are reserved for Drumdojo use only.

Drumdojo proposes to share adverts on the page.

  • Standard Submission. the ads on display are split 2/3 in favour of the writer for standard submissions
  • Exclusive Submission*. 100% in favour of the writer if the article is unique, substantive, full of information and exclusively published on drumdojo
  • Viral / Video submission with minimum content. the ads on display are split 2/3 in favour of the dojo if the article is common, viral or direct from another source (e.g., Youtube videos without any real context surrounding them)

    * An exclusive submission is an article that is only ever published on the dojo. The 100% rate is to compensate for foregoing other opportunities and to encourage original generated content. A piece can be downgraded to a standard submission ifyou also wish to publish it elsewhere.

It is important that a distinction is drawn between different types of submissions. Clearly an article that has and will only been published at Drumdojo, is of a greater intrinsic value to the writer and to the site. This type of submission receives better terms to compensate for foregoing other publishing opportunities. At the other end, as the tremendously successful DojoTV has proven, traffic is possible from collating and embedding others' videos without writing any content whatsoever and with minimum effort.

I hope to be able to switch to an ad rotating system so everyone gets all the text adspace x% of the time. Yourpage ad rate will transfer over at the same rate or the next highest rate e.g. 2/3 share will become 70%

Who gets to pick the ad Placements?

Drumdojo picks the ad placements based on the prevailing site layout. We are conscious of the fact that ad positions are important and will seek to maximise your earning capacity within the site's template structure. You may choose to have ads inserted in your upload document if you like but the total on the page may not exceed three. You do need to read and apply the Google Terms.

I don't want to deal with Google / I don't have a bank account

I am afraid that there is no alternative reward scheme at this time. If you think you know of a way where you can be paid, where I don't have to spend any time micro managing, and where people can still see Drumdojo for free, then please contact me, I'll be delighted to facilitate you..

Can't I just click on my own ads and make a fortune?

This is called click fraud. It is highly illegal and would cause real problems for Drumdojo that we really don't need. Any contributor found to be engaging in such practise will have their articles, ads and any ties to Drumdojo removed without warning. You must read the AdSense Terms of Service closely - they are strictly applied and occasionally enforced through the courts - be careful. They apply here

"Once the abuse was discovered, Google terminated's AdSense account, credited advertisers for every click generated from XYZ's site, and initiated legal action"


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