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I get money for writing about drums for Drumdojo?

Yes you get money; but it's not from Drumdojo.


Drumdojo provides the drumming context, article hosting, bandwidth and crucially, the visitors to your article. It's Google who pays you money.

Why would google pay me to write about drums?

Google Adsense can be applied to any website that meets its terms. Your article's webpage will have Google Adsense text adverts on it (see right for example). These text ads generate revenue and we split the ad positioning on the page between us. As an Adsense Publisher, the income goes directly to you from Google. Drumdojo is simply the bodbus that brings the visitors to see your work.


Drumdojo Advertising Policies

On 1 January 2007 Drumdojo became funded through advertising revenue after having been a created and supported by Paul Marshall and since 1998.


The original contributors to Drumdojo

This function will be taken over within the drumdojo community structure 

Drumdojo Amazon Shop

Drumdojo Amazon Shop

By purchasing using these affiliate links you are helping to support Drumdojo, thank you 

Adsense on Drumdojo - FAQ

Adsense FAQ

For Adsense-specific questions Visit the Forum or Google


How much will I get?

The amount of money you receive depends on lots of factors, none of which, apart from targeted site traffic, are anything to do with Drumdojo. Calculation and algorithms are Google's closely-guarded secrets and there is plenty of speculation on the web about what does what..

What is known is that the more traffic, incoming links and visitors you can get to the page, the better for you. Drumdojo provides targeted visitors who are most likely to be interested in your article and in the contextual ads that surround it.

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