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Guidelines for Contributors

DrumDojo provides an opportunity for you to submit your article for publication.

Reviews of equipment and percussion-related products are also encouraged as long as they represent personal opinion .

Guidelines for Contributors

  • Your title is important - keep it short and informative.
  • Your first sentence decides if the article is read or not. Make your first fifty words count.
  • All facts must be verifiable and actions must be re-creatable.
  • Copyright remains at all times with the author(s) of a piece.  Authors are free to change / withdraw any piece at any time.
  • All submissions must be original.
  • Submissions recognised as, or found to be plagiarised will be immediately withdrawn, as will the contributor.
  • It is encouraged to quote from others if proper reference is made to the source material or permission has been obtained.
  • You should ask those who provide material to link to your article as a reference example of their work.
  • No submitted article or element thereof is guaranteed to be published


  • There is no maximum or minimum length, longer pieces will be divided in to smaller chunks.
  • Articles and reviews should be submitted initially as an HTML-ready document or plain text file.
  • Images (if any) should be in JPG format 72dpi maximum 300px in any dimension
  • Sound files are acceptable if hosted on your own webspace. They should be in MP3 format for downloading or .ram format for streaming. Ensure that you have the appropriate permission for any soundbites. Drumdojo takes no responsibility for unauthorised use.
  • All pieces will be displayed in the standard format for this site and may be changed as required by any subsequent re-design.


  • A well researched, well constructed and well written piece will have a far greater chance of making it to the site than an ill-prepared one. It will also earn you more money.
  • You should avoid any unnecessary 'padding out' of the piece, be succinct and to the point.
  • Please, Please use a spell checker. Both US and British spellings are acceptable
  • Photographs should be in JPG format 72dpi and no more than 300px in any dimension .
  • If you are covering a complex subject that is new to the site, it would be useful to send in a summary / abstract and article 'map'. Large opieces will be divided to match the site standards
  • You can not repeat work that exists already on the site unless adding to or modifying it
  • Your article will be hyperlinked to other related articles on the site and to your e-mail address / website
  • Where permission has been granted to include material written by a third party, you should include a link to their website and / or e-mail addy.


  • Reviews should be independent and objective, an endorser is free to provide a review as long as it is his/her honest personal opinion
  • More than one review for any product is acceptable as long as the reviews come from different people
  • Reviews of products should give a personal mark out of 10 based on your own judgement

What's in it for you?

  • Financially. A contributor can earn advertising revenue from visitors to their article seeing ads on their page. The amounts involved are not huge but some people have many pages and some subject areas are very popular. You are required to become a Google Adsense Publisher to receive in this revenue.
  • stream your videos and place a short advert on the end. This generates income also. Youtube will be starting to pay similarly from the middle of 2007.
  • There are no other contributor reward schemes at this time.

What's in it for Drumdojo?

  • I get to write / surf / read / talk about drums a lot, I get to manage this website and take charge of its continued development into a major internet drumming resource. The dream is a drum encyclopaedia, populated by the drummers of the world and benefiting the drummers of the world. All for free. By drummers, for drummers. I get to learn all the cool stuff there is on these pages
  • The advertising side does generate much needed revenue for the dojo and for me. I can devote time to this as an ongoing project and be paid for that time albeit at a very low rate. I have tried to minimise the impact of advertising on the aesthetics of the page.

What's in it for the visitors?

  • It's always going to be free.
  • Drumdojo is a forum for sharing and learning, it seeks to gather and share as much common knowledge in relation to this wide ranging discipline as may be available.
  • Your skills and experiences acquired over many years are of benefit to others and of benefit to you. Drumdojo is actively seeking content submissions on any percussive area
  • Your work will sit alongside that of many respected professional players & writers and serious amateurs. It will be available for the benefit of percussionists across the world.  How would you like to have had access to this site when you were getting into playing percussion?.
  • All efforts will be made to maintain the highest standards for the site regarding quality and relevance of material. It has lofty ambitions of being a pseudo encyclopaedia and facts require to be verifiable.  If you feel that any area of the site does not portray a fair or proper aspect of the art please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • You may have written another publication and wish to include a synopsis here, that is acceptable as long as the synopsis contributes to the store of knowledge available from the site, 'plugs' are not what the site is for.  Articles may indicate links to further reading, other articles by you or further relevant research.

Your Biography

  • Each contributor who has an article on the site will have an entry included in the contributors' gallery along with a photograph and some biographical details, a photograph of the author can appear at the end of each article if you like.
  • We like to see what everyone looks like so a photo would be really cool. In the near future will be user-accessible contributor pages where you can publish your blog or whatever you like as long as it doesn't offend the site's universal user-group audience.
  • Please include a section in your biography giving some details including relevant technical and / or playing experience, musical tastes, bad jokes If you endorse any products, a link can be given to the preferred company's site as well as a link to your own personal sites from this page.

Private prime advertising space for related products is available on every page.

  • If you would like to contribute an article or a review to drumdojo, please send it to submissions at or publish it to a webpage and send me the URL
  • You may remain anonymous if you like on the site but I will need a name and contact details for myself. If you need to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it me about anything I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Share what you know, learn what you don't.

Keep her lit


sconor & daddy.jpg (9759 bytes)

Paul & his son Conor (then 8),

Conor's first gig was 17 Feb 2001 age 8, with his dad in front of 7,000+ people, Odyssey Arena Belfast

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