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I get money for writing about drums for Drumdojo?

Yes you get money; but it's not from Drumdojo.


Drumdojo provides the drumming context, article hosting, bandwidth and crucially, the visitors to your article. It's Google who pays you money.

Why would google pay me to write about drums?

Google Adsense can be applied to any website that meets its terms. Your article's webpage will have Google Adsense text adverts on it (see right for example). These text ads generate revenue and we split the ad positioning on the page between us. As an Adsense Publisher, the income goes directly to you from Google. Drumdojo is simply the bodbus that brings the visitors to see your work.


Can I just blag any old stuff or copy it from a website?

  • NO. All material you submit must be either your own words or submitted with the consent of the owner.
  • You will be asked to acknowledge this when you submit work
  • Plagiarists and work found to be plagiarised will be removed from the dojo and all other associated sites.

What Drumdojo needs in an article

  • This is a bodhran encyclopaedia.
  • It needs to be clear if your piece is fact or opinion.
  • You must add to the store of knowledge, not pitch your product
  • Facts should be verifiable and actions repeatable.
  • Subject duplication is not acceptable. Either:
    • pick a new subject; or
    • go into greater detail
  • Drumdojo has high quality standards for content but also for spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation.
  • Poorly structured, researched, presented or inappropriate pieces cannot be used. On occasion we may return the work to the writer for amendment
  • The editor's decision is final


  • All work is presented on site in the prevailing house style of Drumdojo
  • Images should be full-frame - lots of detail.
  • Images should not be heavily adjusted.
  • images in articles are positioned by Drumdojo


So what's the process?

    1. Click this!
    2. You write a great article that is related to the site content. Better quality articles will attract more visitors.
    3. Drumdojo publishes your article along with your ad(s) and stats code.
    4. Google counts the number of visitors to your webpage and pays per '000
    5. Google pays you for any clicks on your ads on that page; and
    6. pays you every time one of your videos is watched to completion
    7. Publicise your contribution and see the benefit.
    8. Drumdojo only shows your ads, we have nothing to do with your money at all
    9. Your payment arrives from Google every time you reach $100. There is no 'until' date
    10. Add more unique articles - earn more money, simple and fun.

If you have a dojo-published article and I have not been able to get you yet, please contact me

I don't have statistics for your individual articles.

Adsense was introduced to Drumdojo on 27/12/06

How it works

  • Google is the Advert Provider,
    You are 'the Publisher',
    Drumdojo is the 'host'..
    To become a publisher, you need a webpage (Drumdojo) and an Adsense account. - !
  • Google pays You every time your earnings reach $100
  • Use the button below to get your own AdSense Publisher account this benefits Drumdojo through commission - thank you.

Drumdojo offers to publish your drum / drumming article, an opportunity to be paid for loving what you do.
The available adspace on the page(s) of your article(s) is rotated or shared with Drumdojo.
This revenue-sharing model funds the Dojo site and its development. this brings traffic to your page and your ads, this earns you money. A delicious circle :)
Your payment from Google is based on the numbers of visitors to your page and the numbers of clicks on your ads. Click values vary widely from £0.02 to £70.00 each, depending on the competition between the advertisers for your attention. $0.20 - $0.50 per click is common.
Better quality, topical articles will generate:
    • more interest
    • more relevant ads
    • better paying ads
  • Images and video are great .

To get better traffic,

  • Stick to the subject of the article
  • Describe the subject in 2-3 key words.
  • Use those often, but naturally , in headers and text
  • put them in the first 5 words of first sentence.
  • Use them in your last sentence.

If you wish to publish your work with Drumdojo in accordance with the terms on this page, you will need to create a google AdSense account

This is pretty straightforward. One Adsense account is allowed per bank account but you can put your ads in as many places as you like and monitor them how you like.

There is all kinds of verification in the process but it only requires to be done once.

There is an excellent adsense Discussion Forum. They're very very helpfu

You can also be paid by people watching your videos if you upload them at Revver
All videos uploaded have a small advertisement added to the end.
When it is watched to its conclusion an advertisement appears and payment is triggered.
Payment to you is 50% of the advertising revenue received for that ad, so use video as much as you like and embed it in your page.
As with the Google adverts, I am unable to predict the exact amounts earned but it won't buy you a yacht in Caymans.


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