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New Drumdojo Resource - Watch This Space

Although it may not seem like it, behind the scenes, my wee legs are running like the Energiser Bunny and I am only a few weeks away from providing a significant and unique drumbuilder subscription resource suite. Unfortunately because it represents a series of linked processes, the content cannot be released until the whole thing is complete.

This suite of resources started to be built a couple of years ago. It has developed into what it is today through my own research, trial & error and my financial investment.  Not to mention the sheer amount of time it takes to write those tens of thousands of words in the detail that is provided. It is for this latter reason that the resource will never be complete; it is also for this reason that the content will only be available on a subscription basis.The subscription will be small, probably £10 per year.

As the author/creator, this income will allow me to be able to devote time to maintaining and building the resource and hopefully to start to repay my investment so far. When I eventually release the details of the project you will see straight away that it represents amazing value for money. If you don't, we have a 7 day moneyback guarantee. What's not to like!

Shortly (Autumn 2010) I will be looking for a small number of experienced amateur drumbuilders to receive pre-release access to the resource. I wrote the content, took the photos and drew the 3D graphics of the process myself so I have found it hard to be sufficiently distanced from it to test it effectively, too close to the wood and all that. There will definitely be stuff missing ... out of place ... duplicated ....

Not long after, there will be a larger second 'beta' test where I will probably be looking for 100 testers to check out the resource under more of a load. Anyone who participates in the testing will of course receive a free subscription as a thank you.

Please do not contact me before I announce the alpha test, if I were to accept such requests it would be unfair for those who are actually waiting for an announcement.

This is a major development for Drumdojo, it represents a major effort and a lot of the last 2 years of my life. I sincerely hope that it rocks your boat as much as it does mine!

Watch This Space



Making a bodhran from a light fitting - Hacking Homebase #1

On a recent shopping trip to homebase Rob Forkner and Paul Marshall chanced bodhack_price_wee.jpgupon some light fittings in a sale that were too good to pass up...

Rob and Paul retired toPaul's workshop and set about creating a drum using skin off-cuts plus the tools and industrial fixings available.

bodhack_tuning02_wee.jpgBecause they were so cheap, we had bought two of the light fittings in the store intending to make a couple of different drums.

The Shell

The wood from which the lights were made was cheap hardwood and built using a barrel-stave method with a vertical grain.

Recover the kick and finish the project

Recovering the bass drum & finishing the project 

The bass drum was a little different.  The wrap comes in two parts - one small part and one larger sheet.  The smaller piece has to be fitted first, to the bottom of the bass drum shell.  This was the only time that I had to tape any of the covering on to the drum itself.

Recovering Tom Toms

By Stephen Mulholland

The Process 

So, to the job. I decided to do the 10" X 10" first.

The first thing I did, naturally, was removed the heads and rims. Then with my trusty cordless screwdriver I removed all the lugs. A word of advice - have a container handy to drop all the screws, washers, lugs, tension rods and whatever else into. It's so easy to lose a screw or washer on a garage floor.

Drum Recovering

Refinishing (re-covering) a drumkit

(c) 2001 Stephen Mulholland This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Here's a step-by-step of how I refinished my kit.

The kit is a Pearl Session series, 22" X 16" bass drum, 10" X 10", 12" X 10", and 14" X 12" toms, finished in Sequoia Red Lacquer. It's a lovely finish, but I just fancied a change.

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