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Build - Assemble and Finish

Assembling the drum.

Once the lug holes are all correctly drilled it's simply a matter of installing the lugs and assembling and tuning the drum. You know you are gonna love it!

Odds and ends.

A word about mounting toms. A tom mounting method I used that is positively killer is to use RIMS mounts, but rather than mounting them on tension rods, you install 4 double lugs (like for a snare) on the upper head lugs and you take the nuts (tubular threaded pieces that take the tension rods) and move them from inside the lug to OUTSIDE the lug. you mount them there with 12-24 socket head cap screws. Now the RIMS mounts go over those nuts but are mounted UNDER the lugs on the tom. This is how Noble and Cooley toms are mounted. Additional 12-24 screws from the outside hold the RIMS mount in place on the lugs. See my website for pictures of how I did this.


All that remains is to play and enjoy your new drums. Having done this myself I can say that those who told me how special it feels to play drums that look like nobody else's and that were made with your own hands are absolutely correct. It DOES feel special.

I'm sure drum building isn't for everybody, but I can say that if you have any interest at all in discovering all the various factors that make drums sound like they do, you can't do much better than to build a few drums. It is an amazing education in what makes drums tick. My feeling is that this kind of knowledge can't but help make me a better player and make my drums, whatever, they happen to be at the time sound as good as they possibly can.

And of course the final benefit of drum building is to knock down all your limitations! If you want an 20" tom or a 15" bass you don't have to worry if the manufacturer makes it. Of course he does, because the manufacturer is you! I don't know about you, but this thought alone gives me a wonderful feeling of power and freedom.

assemble drum build complete finish euccess drumset Good Luck!


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