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Istanbul Nostalga Cymbal Review

Istanbul Nostalga Cymbals

Mark Polis

A friend of mine who is also an Istanbul® Mehmet cymbal endorser (the real kind of endorser) just sold me a set of Nostalgia series cymbals he'd hand selected from Istanbul.

These are from when the Nostagia's first came out, when Istanbul® was really trying to market a super quality "Istanbul K clone", hence the Nostalgia name. (The Nostalgias currently on the market are no big deal now, but are still the most expensive stuff from Istanbul®.

Meinl Amun Series Cymbal Review - Bill Ray

Meinl Amun Series cymbals review

© Bill Ray 13612

The Meinl Amun series cymbals is the latest addition to their product line. For starters, many of you have never heard Meinl's cymbals. For this reason, I will use comparisons to the major manufacturer's sounds. It is not intended to be disparaging towards Meinl's sounds in any way.

A brief overview -
There are two general schools of cymbal manufacture- the Turkish sounds and the Euro sounds. Turkish sounds are generally more complex tonality wise and have a certain darkness about them. The Euro sounds are much cleaner sonically and seem more focused in; less intangible frequencies bouncing around. To my ears, the Meinl lines sort of fall in the cracks between these two methods of construction. Think "K. Paiste".

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