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Aquarian Double Thins

Aquarian Double thins - Mike Radcliffe 8 Sept 1999

Well, in the midst of all the hub-bub I started over the Aquarian Drumset Tuning video, I actually put on some Double Thins and tried them out.

I think they are living up to their intent.  They definitely fit the bill as a head between a single ply and a double ply.  I was told they are around 12 mil in thickness.  This is a very nice gauge, as they will be more durable than a single ply, yet not as dead as most double plies. 

Remo Vs Aquarian

Aquarian and Remo single ply heads, George 'Drumguru' Lawrence (c) 2000

a comparison and crow supper

Mike Carter, our favorite RMMP "rep for every drum related product in  the universe", came down hard on me a few months ago about dissing Aquarian heads. My teaching studio at Fork's Drum Closet here in Nashville has two drumsets supplied by Pearl, a set of cymbals provided by Paiste (I endorse Paiste), and the heads on the drums were provided by Aquarian via Steve Ebe, an Aquarian endorser with whom I share the teaching studio. Steve is great drummer, by the way, and has played with some top acts. My experience with Aquarian heads has been primarily with those heads in that teaching studio and with some snare heads that Roy Burns sent me in '93 to check out. The heads in the teaching studio were the ones that I was complaining about having too much attack sound and not tuning up well. They were Response 2 heads and were at least a year old when I wrote the post.

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