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Weird and Wonderful
weird drum molecules

Molecules - Say what?

Ken Brashear - Cool Mouse-over drumset

Taiko style - brilliant Flash animation

Little Drummer boy lyrics and video

How do you pronounce Paiste

How do you pronounce 'Paiste'?

- Kauko Paksula (c) 200

Taken from a posting on Usenet Newsgroup

Paiste..." is a family name from Estonia and this word (as many other words) is similar to Finnish.

The word means 'Shine' - Sunshine = auringon (sun) paiste (shine) in Finnish

The Paiste family had to go from Estonia to Germany and then to Switzerland because of the revolution and war in the 1910s.

But how to give advice for pronounciation?

Let's make it to parts: Pai & Ste. You say 'pai' just the same way you say 'pie' (apple pie). Your 'a' must be quite open, like 'car'

Then 'ste'... well like the beginning of stella or step and make it short.

I hope you could understand me anyway. And remember, when you say Paiste, the accent is on the beginning of the word. 'PAIste'

So Paiste...

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Kids Drum Sets2

Ok so we can all identify this one as a toy, right?

kids drum sets

Kids Drum Sets Part 1

Caveat Papa!

Advice for parents buying cheap drum sets or kids drum sets

As we can see from the popularity of the Young and Gifted section of Dojo TV, Kids are really starting to demand more and more from their equipment and, consequently, their poor parents who have to pay for it. cheap-drumset-question.jpg

This upsurge is great for manufacturers and the drum industry who have created a whole new marketplace for a whole new range of products. Some are genuine innovation, some are simply repackaging.

is 'Kids', 'Junior' or 'Student' merely a nice way of saying 'Budget', 'Cheapo' or 'Flimsy'?

With the rising commercial importance of junior drummers, their impressionable minds exposed to hero-endorser-worship through MTV and their uncanny ability for persistence; you WILL inevitably end up buying junior a drumset and you really have no choice about it.

We say Caveat Papa - Let the Father Beware




...err...Well actually I don't know much about them either.. I stumbled upon this advert on another site but googling shows no other traces of them. I have This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and am investigating.


Custom, high-end, handmade drum kits with a base price of $15,000 for a 3 piece like pictured.

Finished in any pattern or color, even clear!

The other site had some more information..


Drumdojo editorial note

Having built drums of many shapes and sizes, I'm interested to see how 'Molecules' deal with the 'basketball 'ping" sound that comes from a standing wave in a spheroid shape.

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