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Frame drum groupAs of Mid May 2006 The FDG CD is no longer available.

I apologise for any inconvenience. It will hopefully be made available as a download when I get the figures finalised after the first batch

The Yahoo Framedrummer group has 350 members and is growing. It was founded in October of 2000 by Dell Taylor, a student of Layne Redmond. For more information or to join, please visit the Yahoo FDG page.

In September 2003 the group released a limited edition double CD featuring 35 tracks from 26 artists from around the globe. Foreword by Glen Velez.


"a remarkable bit of hand drumming" - Modern Drummer, April 2004

"I salute all the players and composers on this disc who are expanding the horizons of this soulful drum" - Glen Velez

"This excellent collection would interest any frame drummer, drum circle enthusiast, or the listener looking for some meditative music" - Percussive Arts Society (PAS)

FDG Foreword

Frame Drum Group CD

Glen Velez was very generous in supporting the project and in providing the Foreword to the CD (below). We are extremely grateful and priveleged to have his support.

Thank you Glen

FDG Details

Frame Drum Group CD - Artists & track listing

This is a reproduction of the inside of the CD liner giving details of artists and tracks

FDG Credits
Frame Drum Group CD - Artists & track listing

These links are inoperative currently. Blue links when prepared will eventually be functional


FDG Artists


(in order of appearance on the CD)


  • Eric Stuer
  • Ganesh Anandan,
  • Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes,
  • Brendan Dunn,
  • Fern Filner,
  • Deen Collier,
  • Bill Smith,
  • Hyndla Kensdottir,
  • Eliana Gilad,
  • David Kuckhermann,
  • Jacky Ligon,
  • Rick Walker
  • Paul Marshall,
  • Kobi Hagoel,
  • Art Durkee,
  • N. Scott Robinson,
  • Emiliano Benevides,
  • Judy Piazza,
  • Peyman Nasehpour,
  • Bodhraness Catherine,
  • Dennis Maberry,
  • Mike Marcionetti,
  • Mauro Gatto,
  • Lynn Margileth,
  • Steven Rice,
  • Grant Smith

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