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This category refers to instruments that appear in multiple indigenous cultures independently of each other or are a result of a global design collaboration.

Framedrums Globally

Frame drums in Asia, North Africa and East Europe

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Frame drums in AsiaDaf is one of the percussion-skinned instruments of Persia that it has become very popular these years. In Middle East there is a broad class of drums known to musicologists as Frame Drums. In this article I will discuss these percussion instruments.


Frame Drums are the musicologist's term for a class of percussion instruments constructed of a shallow cylindrical frame over which a skin is stretched and may or may not have jingles. Persian Daf (left) is a good example of a frame drum with jingles. The history of the frame drum begins in the ancient Middle East. The following is a list of frame drums:

About Frame Drums

Frame Drums

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bodhran riqq kanjira daf duff daff tar muzhar bendir doira pandeira pandeiroFramedrums are perhaps one of the earliest forms of drum made by many civilizations across the world, in essence they are a piece of animal skin stretched over a circular frame that has a depth less than the width of the head, or another definition is where the frame is half or less than the diameter of the head.  There are examples where the drum frames may not be circular, square & many-sided drums exist.  (see image below)

Framedrums of the World

Frame drums of the world


Types of Goblet Drum


Among the percussion instruments used heavily across Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe are four broad classes of drums, known to musicologists as frame drums and goblet drums, cylindrical drums and kettledrums. This article deals with the goblet drums.

Frame Drum Notation

Frame Drum Scoring - Introduction

With many of the more ancient forms of drumming, the traditional patterns have been passed from generation to generation in an oral form, i.e. that the rhythm is spoken. If you can say it, you can play it is the basic tenet.

This is true of Japanese taiko, Indian tabla, African djembe in fact nearly every culture has some form of spoken tradition associated with its drum music. Most of them are onomatopoeic and refer to the sounds that are made by the drums themselves.  The information contained in this page will work equally for doumbek, tar, riqq, and any number of the mid-eastern family of drums or frame drums of similar design.

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