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Rhythmic Scales
Just as melodies are based around scales, rhythm has its own concept of scale. The document donated by Bill covers the main scales plus applications to the drumset

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All in all these are great ways to expand your horizons and develop your sense of time in a more keen and acute manner. You will notice a boost in creativity. I must caution you though- These rhythmic devices are Dangerous. They can make your gig go away. So that being said, I assume NO responsibility for any loss you suffer by playing groups of 7 over the guitar solo.

Rhythmic ScalesBill Ray

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Learning Zone

This is the area of Drumdojo where information and exercises will be available.

Drum teachers and writers can include sample lessons of their work, links will be available to their main sites for follow up.

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Educational Drum Links

Compiled by Stephen Gibson

The following are links to places on the web that you as a drummer/percussionist might find useful.  I have broken them down into categories to hopefully make finding stuff more accessible.

Presence in the list and the order of presentation is not an expression of approval, endorsement, or preference for any company, product, or service.

Conga Intro


The following is a collection of information and miscellaneous lore that the author has collected from a variety of teachers and sources including "being shown a thing or two" by a couple of authentic Cuban players. However, not being Latino nor raised in the traditions, no claim is made for the authenticity of the information. This is especially true for folkloric traditions since the author's interests tend toward modern Latin dance music

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