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Conga Drums in Brazil are called "atabaque" named after the conga-like drums of the northern style of Candomble. The original atabaque come in three sizes and are linked to the African Yoruba tradition. Today modern congas and bongos are common for all Samba as well as Baiao and Brazilian Jazz and funk.

More Conga Rhythms



Basic Calypso Rhythm


< O
< <     <
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Calypso Variation

How Many Conga Rhythms?
This is a sort of fun question. Consider playing a snare drum in a drumset. If we divide a measure of 4/4 music into 1/8th notes, in our box notation we will have 8 boxes to fill. Since generally a snare drum has a single sound (we will ignore rim shots) the first box can either be a note or a silence which is two choices. The next box has the same two choices which multiplies the first two choices by two. The next box multiplies by two again and eventually we find that the total number of possible single measure snare drum rhythms that exist are 2 8 = 256. In other words if you learned all 256 possible rhythms there would be no 4/4 pattern (that used nothing faster than eighth notes) you couldn't play on that drum since you learned all possible patterns.
Conga Chachacha

Cha Cha Cha: Another dance that is very popular in this country in the club scene and even in international ballroom dancing as well as the Latino dance scene is the Cuban dance known in English as the Cha Cha. The name of the dance in Spanish is the Cha Cha Cha. The name is said to come from the noise the slippers the Cuban dancers used to wear made on the dance floor when doing the dance.


Tumbao is an even pattern of 1/8th notes played in a band on the bass and conga drum. Unlike some hand-drum traditions where a given name refers to a certain rhythm (usually associated with a certain dance or music), tumbao is a collection of different patterns all of a certain type.

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