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Recording And Amplifying Drums
This category relates to techniques and equipment used in the recording or amplification processes

Important Tips for Recording Drums
A few recording tips from experienced heads
Separation and phasing

Placement of microphones in different positions relative to the drumset and to eaxh other brings a couple of implications that shoukd be considered

  • Separation between microphones and the representation of those signals
  • The phase relationship between  two or more microphpnes each picking up the same signal
Overhead Miking
Overhead Miking

There are two ways to view overheads:

The main stereo pair- gives you the bulk of the drum sound, with maybe kick and snare added for reinforcement. Usually very natural (though Bonham twisted them into a force of nature), but requires very nice mics in a very nice sounding room. Most commonly used in jazz, though it's becoming more popular in other genres.

The cymbals-only approach- you just want to pick up the cymbals, using close micing for the rest of the kit. You can roll off everything under 500-800Hz and just have your cymbals left, along with a little bit of attack from the drums. This is probably heard the most on radio today.

Try both methods, experiment, and find out which one works best for you. You will probably end up using both for different sounds
Miking for Recording

Recording Drums

Before we get to actually using microphones in the studio, we need to look at what makes microphones different. Once that is understood, you can choose the right mic for the sound you want.

There are many different kinds of microphone pickup patterns (how the mic hears). Here's a quick overview of the three most popular patterns:

Micing for Live Performance

Mic'ing Drums - For Live Performance -Gordy Gale

©Gordy Gale

Microphone selection.

This is a very subjective area, and every engineer (and drummer) has his or her preferences. Here is a list of commonly used mics and their applications, not in any particular order. 

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