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Brady Turtleback & Wanadoo Burl Snare Drums "As you can see, the drums are just plain drop dead gorgeous. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The finishes are beyond description - there are a slew of exotic veneers available from Brady, and deciding on which to purchase is tough. You can get the gloss (for ~$100 more) or the satin oil finish on any of them. As these nest behind Gretsch Customs, I went with the gloss finishes"...more
Pearl Omar Hakim 13x5 This is a drum with a lot of character, I like the 13" size as it facilitates the higher tunings, it's maybe not ideal for a low tuning rock gig as it has a a medium-low fundamental at the lower tunings, however the range is versatile enough to cope with many different types of uses...more