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Spirit Drums 14"x6.5"Solid Shell Snare

Spirit Drums 14"x6.5"Solid Shell Snare

Paul Marshall January 2000

This is a 14"x6.5" snare drum made from Cooktown Ironwood which only grows in one part of Australia.  It was hand made by Spirit drums in Cairns Australia by Matt Bowden, Jim Hall and a small dedicated team consisting of Fred and Graeme - This is the first Spirit Snare in Europe.

SPIRIT 6.5x13 Ironwood Solid Snare Drum

SPIRIT 6.5x13 Ironwood Solid Snare Drum

Mark Polis - July 2002

I just spent quite some time over the last day or two really getting to know the 6.5x13 SPIRIT snare drum owned by Nick "soulbelly" Amoroso. Nick so graciously sent me the drum, (and I in turn simultaneously sent him my Canopus Zelkova for his perusal - we'll await his report).

Review SPIRIT 6.5x13 Ironwood Solid Snare DrumWell the Spirit drum is GORGEOUS. It's made of Ironwood, a wood so dense (and heavy) that it makes even Jarrah and Sheoak (also from Australia) seem like balsa wood!!!! The wood has the same tonal appearance & hue as bubinga, without all the figuring. It's done in its natural, reddish brown matte finish.

Dunnett 6.5x13 Titanium Snare Review

Dunnett 6.5x13 Titanium snare

Joe M - May 2002


Taken from a post in RMMP

yesterday i received my 6.5x13 dunnett Titanium drum. fedex actually LEFT it on my porch while i wasn't home - scary.

drum - dunnett 6.5x13 Titanium in raw finish, with all black powder-coated hardware including nickel strainer and butt; tension rods are chrome; puresound 16 strand snare wires. aquarian classic coated batter, classic clear snare side head.

Canopus Zelkova

Canopus 6.5x13 Zelkova snare drum


Nick Amoroso


"you want to spend *how much* on a WHAT?"


long! go figure!

Brady Jarrah Ply 5.5 x14 Fiddleback snare

Brady Jarrah Ply 5.5 x14 Fiddleback snare

Mark Polis - (c) July 2002


I just spent some time with joem's 5-1/2"x14" Brady Jarrah Ply snare drum, which he so graciously loaned to me for a test drive (in temporary swap for my 5"x14" Canopus Zelkova).

Here's my preliminary take on it, for what it's worth:

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