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Independent Objective reviews by end-users of the product.

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If you would like to give your opinions on a snare drum that you own or have access to, Drumdojo gives you the chance to let us know what you think, we would be delighted to hear your opinions. Photographs are are great as are good quality short sound samples

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Spaun 14x5 Maple
(c) Lyle Caldwell 

ISpaun 14x5 Maple just got my new snare today, and while I haven't had time to do anything extensive with it yet (the joy of small children and non-soundproofed rooms), I did play for about an hour and thought I'd share some initial impressions.

It's a 5x14 8 ply maple shell, no reinforcement rings, with wood hoops, and it really is much different than any snare I've come across before.

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