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Brady Jarrah Ply 5.5 x14 Fiddleback snare

Brady Jarrah Ply 5.5 x14 Fiddleback snare

Mark Polis - (c) July 2002


I just spent some time with joem's 5-1/2"x14" Brady Jarrah Ply snare drum, which he so graciously loaned to me for a test drive (in temporary swap for my 5"x14" Canopus Zelkova).

Here's my preliminary take on it, for what it's worth:

1) It's simply GORGEOUS. I don't really care for committal colors like this, but this drum is absolutely beautiful. And such a beautiful deep blue. What veneer is that, Joe - Blue Fiddleback? The gloss coat is like polyethylene - so smooth, durable feeling and RICH looking.

2) It reeks of SUPERB construction - VERY appealing, deliciously thick tube lugs (10) and air vent with thick chromed grommet. Beautifully crafted bearing edges and semi-shallow snare bed. Clear NickelWorks throwoff. Even the thick (2.3mm) triple flanged hoops look to be of extremely high quality - VERY well chromed. The readily identifiable gold Brady military-drummerman logo applique announces the drum to my rosewood lacquer Gretsch kit.

3) MOST importantly, this is my kind of sound. It's perhaps a bit more open / ringy than I would ordinarily tend to go for - die cast hoops on this drum - or maybe a drier type of batter head (to preserve the feel) - would cure that - if it's even necessary at all (and I'm not at all convinced that it is, after playing it in the context of a kit setup). But I am shocked at what a warm, thick sound emanates from this 5-1/2" snare drum. I would say it's one of the BEST sounding 5-1/2" snare drums I've EVER played - I personally usually go for 6-1/2" deep snares over the 5" or 5-1/2"ers, but with this little marvel, it just doesn't seem to need any more depth.

This, to me, is at LEAST as appealing a sound and feel as the 5"x14" Zelkova that I sent to Joe. I am truly blown away by this fine instrument. It's got a warmth that is SO appealing to a jazz-oriented guy like me, yet has LOADS of headroom to spare for the amplified stuff if that's your bag. The inherent warmth is so surprising to me, considering the mindset I had regarding the colder, more unforgiving nature of a wood as hard/dense as Jarrah. Well I was dead wrong there. And the drum has a nice, satisfying presence, response and fatness to its voice - very well balanced to my ear. Just wet enough, but retaining every bit of articulation, and everywhere on the head. Rolls are....macho. Rim clicks were calling out for a bossa nova or a country ballad. Joe, please post its picture on for everyone to drool over. I'll get at it a bit more later this evening. WOW!!!!

I would rate this snare drum at 5 stars, no question about it. Joe should indeed be a very happy guy to own this drum. It is worth every cent of its price, and more.

Review Brady Jarrah Ply 5.5 x14 Fiddleback snare

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