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Sound Defined

If a Tree falls in the Forest, does it make a sound?So, what is sound?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?.

No. Until there is an ear there is no sound! Sound only qualifies as such when it is 'received'. Up to that point it is simply vibration moving through the in the air.

Some will disagree with me :)

Soundproofing my Garage - Chris Whealy

garage conversion constructionThe aim of the following pages is to show how I converted my garage into a sound-proof drum practice room.
In showing how I built this room, I am not saying that this is exactly how a sound-proof practice room should be built, but I am demonstrating a procedure that works.

I have carefully studied the subject of acoustics, so I am confident that the design described here will yield good results; yet at the same time, I have also seen areas where the design can be improved. Improvements aside, the finished practice room allows me to play the drums without annoying the rest of my family or the neighbours!

Soundproofing a basement ceiling

Use Roofing Felt as a Mass Loaded Vinyl - MLVYet again, another great article from Doctor Bob O. We here are Drumdojo are extremely grateful for his sharing of his work so freely.

This time, we are looking at taking steps to soundproof your basement ceiling. This article recommends the use of expensive MLV - there is an onsite alternative showing a budget Mass Loaded Vinyl alternative .

Sound Treatment Using Acoustic Foam

Using Acoustic Foam to treat a room.

 It is a common misconception that the funky shaped foam panels we see in recording studios are somehow designed to sound-proof the room and stop noise getting either out or in.

soundproofingThey're not. These foam panels are designed to treat the sound within the room in order that the object sounds can be as neutral and natural as possible without the room adding in all kinds of extra characteristics that will not exist in the intended listening environment.

Peter Mason goes into the subject in much greater detail below.

Soundproofing using Mass Loaded Vinyl

Soundproofing using DIY Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

soundproof MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl roofing felt

It goes without saying that specialist difficulties require specialist solutions; soundproofing of course is a particularly specialist area and therefore the solutions tend to be 'specialist. In most cases, specialist and very expensive are interchangable terms.

In this article Robert advocates the installation of 'roofing felt' instead of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), a 'specialist' product specifically designed for the soundproofing industry. The budget version is a fraction of the cost of the other and can be improved by adding several layers.

The quality of the caulking job would appear to be critical so pay attention to the detail as you go, take your time, your treated space will be there for years! - Sensei

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