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Basics of Soundproofing

This is an introductory article looking at the basic purpose and types of sound insulation that are available to anyone seeking to soundproof a space.

SoundproofingYou will find that although the principles are straightforward, the actual implementation can get pretty technical pretty quickly.

There are lots of resources on Drumdojo but if you seek clarification on some issue or if you can offer to add to the useful information, please visit us on the Drumdojo forums - Sensei


Great quality cost-saving solutions for all musicians and for drummers in particular.

This is a massively complicated, and expensive, field yet there are several key steps that make big difference with a particular emphasis on musicians' needs

There are many resources available to you, but only really a couple of methods of physically reducing the sound of instrument practise. Those are indicated here onsite,

Room Within A Room

 In the simplest terms, sound is waves of energy travelling through the air, just like waves of water on the ocean.  In fact, think for a moment what life would be like if sound WERE water waves.  Your drums, then, would be like a wave generator, slopping water everywhere.  Let’s say you’re playing in your bedroom.  Think of every way that water could escape…through cracks in the floor, electrical outlets, vents, windows, doors, etc.

Sound is escaping the same way.  But sound is even worse!I’m not a pro.  I’m writing this as an amateur’s starting point to soundproofing.  That means even though I try to be accurate and give good advice, I may have made mistakes, and I might just be plain wrong about things.  Also, this information may be out of date by the time you read it.  Construction is dangerous, and there are countless ways to get injured, not achieve your goals, and lose money in the process.  I urge you to engage a licensed contractor for work of this type.  This FAQ represents my educated OPINION, but is not presented as FACT.  Proceed entirely at your own risk.
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