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    Soundproof a Room Stage 1 Part 6

    Reverberation Time

    As was mentioned above, one of the key properties of a room's acoustical performance is the length of time it takes for the sound energy to die away. We need to add some more detail here; namely, how do we decide when the sound has "died away"? Is it half the volume it started at, or a third or a quarter?

    Soundproof a Room Stage 1 Part 5


    The acoustic absorbency of a material determines the proportion of energy removed from a sound wave when it reflects off that material.

    Absorbency values are almost always quoted as a number between 0 and 1. So at the bottom end of the scale, a material with an absorbency of 0 is a perfect reflector (which, in reality, does not exist), and a material with an absorbency value of 1 indicates a perfect absorber (think of an open window; the sound travels right through and you get absolutely no reflection).

    Soundproof a Room Stage 1 Part 4
    So we're done then?

    NO! You've only solved one problem! Sound proofing your room will keep everyone outside the room happy, because you have stopped sound escaping and therefore annoying everyone. However, you have to sit inside the room. Sound proofing does not address the issues of the room's internal acoustics - and this is a whole different ball game!

    Soundproof a Room Stage 1 Part 3

    Room Within A Room (RWAR)

    When you want to sound-proof an existing structure, one of the most effective ways of achieving this is to create what is known as a room-within-a-room. This principle means that within the existing room, you build a second, smaller room whose floor, walls and ceiling are mechanically isolated from the floor, walls and ceiling of the outer room.

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