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Soundproof a Room Stage 1 Part 2
How sound-proof is "sound-proof"?

The amount of acoustic isolation required before a room can accurately be described as "sound-proof" has been the subject of much discussion. The original way of describing the acoustic isolation provided by a particular construction was to quote a table of transmission loss (TL) values (measured in decibels). These values describe the amount of sound energy lost during transmission at various frequencies. From a table of TL values, it is easy to see how well building materials will perform when trying to contain low, mid and high frequency sounds. The typical situation is that a material (or wall construction) may be very good at preventing the transmission of high frequency sound, but be poorer at preventing the transmission of low frequency sound.

Soundproof a Room Stage 1 Part 1
The problems

When building a music practice room, the most important problem to be solved is stopping sound from escaping. If your practice space leaks sound like water through a sieve, then this will annoy the neighbours and eventually cause them to call the police!

This problem is one that musicians (and drummers in particular) continually face, and one that drummer's neighbours continually complain about!

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