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Garage Conversion Stage 2
Stage 2 of Chris Whealy's Excellent Garage Conversion

Soundproof a Room Stage2 Part 5

Drummer Soundproof Room Building Stage2 Part 5

In order to gain more height in the practice room, we had to lift the existing joists. In addition to this, the spacing of the existing ceiling joists was not convenient for the new ceiling design, so new joist timbers were added at every roof joist.

Soundproof a Room Stage 2 Part 4

rockwool slab insulation soundproof drummer studioThe type of insulation used was slabs of 75mm Rockwool RWA45 (45 kgm-3).

These were fixed to the wall by using short lengths of metal strapping to act as washers. These were placed onto 100mm screws with a Rawlplug on the end. The Rockwool slab was then offered up to the wall, a hole drilled through it into the garage wall, and then the screw with the strapping washer pushed through the Rockwool into the hole and screwed into place.

Soundproof a Room Stage2 Part 3

I was fortunate enough to already have a 32 amp fuse board in my garage. Since electrical power will be needed within the practice room, I had to run all the necessary wiring from the fuse board to the required locations in the room.


For 240/220v supplies (e.g. UK and Europe)

The following circuits were used:

  • 5 amps for low voltage lighting.
  • 8 amps for a 2KW electrical heater
  • 16 amps for 3 double plug sockets
  • 5 amps for an extractor fan
For 110v supplies (e.g. US and Canada)...
Soundproof a Room Stage 2 Part 2

Lay a Damp Proof Membrane DPM

Due to the fact that the damp-proof course around my garage has been known to leak during heavy rain, I wasn't going to take any risks with flooding in future. So even though I have dug a soak-away around the outside of the garage, and treated the inner and outer surfaces of the walls with damp sealant, I still thought it sensible to add a damp-proof membrane.

Soundproof a Room Stage 2 Part 1

Clear Out!

Clear out all the rubbish that you've had lying around in the garage for years. The result is a garage containing only the building materials for your soundproofing project..

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