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Garage Conversion Stage 5
Stage 5 of Chris Whealy's Excellent Garage Conversion

Soundproof a Room Stage 5 Part 5

The inner and outer doors could only be hung after the fabric had been applied to the inner walls of the practice room. The reason for this is that fabric needed to be tensioned onto the door frame itself, and then the door lining could be added to give a neat finish

.sooundproof room skirting carpetThe inner and outer doors are separated by a 500mm (20") gap. The holes are for ventilation

Soundproof a Room Stage 5 Part 4

Fabric Finishing

The inner surfaces of the room cannot obviously be left with exposed Rockwool, so they will be covered with fabric. The fabric I used was the following:

  • For the ceiling, white cotton curtain lining.
  • For the walls, 12oz Hessian.

You'll need the following equipment for this stage of the construction:

  • A sewing machine
  • A compressor with a staple gun attachment
  • A large box of staples

fabric fix absorb ceiling

Fix the ceiling fabric in place first

Soundproof a Room Stage5 Part 3

Flutter Echo

As something of a technical aside, this stage of the construction is very useful for demonstrating (and then fixing) a very annoying problem in acoustics. This problem is known as Flutter Echo, and if you are not aware of what conditions cause this problem, then its appearance and solution will be a mystery to you.

Take a look at the following picture showing the insulation applied to the inner walls. Notice where there is no insulation. None has yet been applied to the ceiling and obviously, none will be applied to the floor.

Soundproof a Room Stage 5 Part 2

Internal Insulation

rockwool batten frame soundproof room

If you remember back to the design stage, I mentioned that there were two problems to solve. The first was to stop sound escaping from the room, and the second was to control the sound that remained in the room. We have now reached the point were the sound remaining in the room needs to be controlled.

Soundproof a Room Stage 5 Part 1

Install Low Voltage Lighting

low voltage studio lighting

The low voltage lights were installed immediately after the inner walls were boarded out. The transformer for the lights is located in the ceiling void above the practice room.Low voltage lighting installed

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