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Percussion Around the World Site Map

This section of the DrumDojo site is intended to look at all manner of indigenous percussion instruments and musical styles from all around the world.   On this page Instruments and styles are sorted by the relevant global region / country of contemporary association not region of origin.  Origin details are contained within the articles where appropriate.

This is a growing section of the site. It takes a long time to research articles and I'm adding and inviting pieces as quickly as I can. If you can write knowledgeably on any aspect not covered or can give additional useful detail, please email me, I'd be delighted to speak with you. here's some useful information.

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Global instruments

Multi-cultural instruments


  • Djembé - Menu to djembé area of Drumdojo
  • Maghreb - North African Drumming
  • Udu - Clay Pot Drum - Nigeria

Continental South America







Middle Eastern

Persian (there is an entire section on Persian Percussion)

Map from geodata.jpg (7939 bytes) - All I had to do was ask! Thank you Planetary Visions - Paul