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Bill Ray ©2001

This is my first foray into the Eastern Indian school of thought. It's a rhythmic pattern that I learned right here on the internet (yes, the internet IS instructional at times...) It's culled from a master drummer from London named Pete Lockett. The actual drum lesson is over at Rhythmweb- I strongly recommend you download the file.

There are 5 basic syllables to create a 5 note rhythm-

Ta Ka Ta Ki Ta

We will stress the syllables in a 2-3 division, and clap twice on the "3" side for definition:

TA ka TA KI Ta

Essentially you will clap this pattern and chant:

Now with that in mind, continue the clapping and Chant the following rhythms over the top:

Half notes:


Quarter Note Triplets:


Eighth Notes:


Eighth Note Triplets:


Sixteenth Notes:


Click here to download and listen to Pete Lockett's original tutorial (mp3)

Making it your Own

Once you get the hang of how the 5 note rhythms falls over the "master" rhythm, you can expand it onto the drumset. COMING SOON......

Bill Ray

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