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World rhythms for drumset

Elliot Polsky ©2002


The following material is a collection of concepts, ideas and rhythms for the drumset that I have collected in my experiences with a variety of World Music ensembles.

First, it is necessary to qualify that I do not in any way consider myself to be expert at all of these styles, as my experience has shown that with all musical cultures, it would take a lifetime of study to be considered an expert. I only seek to share information that has been selflessly shared with me over the years in my contacts with people that I have played with, and influenced me in my development as a musician.

That being said this collection is geared towards providing the working player with a useful guide to add to their skills and versatility (which always makes us more hireable). And, all of the drumming enthusiasts who seek to expand their rhythmic language, will no doubt benefit from learning drumset applications of rhythms that belong to ever-inclusive and diverse World Music genres.

Elliot Polsky


 SECTION 1 - West Africa World Beat

1. Soukous and Highlife