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Bodhrán Literature

I am currently undertaking a literature search for written or other material on the bodhrán drum

I would be grateful for text or articles either by reference, title or URL. As research is ongoing, this page will be updated with the articles that have been found and / or mentioned.

The list below refers to publications or items of which I'm aware but have not yet seen.


publications / essays / theses / articles...

  • Any seminal references by Sean O'Riada
  • O'Riada (1982) Our musical heritage.
  • Cunningham Eric (1999), 'JJ Kelly': Sticking with the roots - unpublished MA thesis
  • Kevin Danaher (1955) (O Danachair, Caiomhin) - The bodhrán; a percussion instrument - Cork Historical & Archaeological journal Vol 60
  • Jim Humphires (1976) Making bodhráns in Ardnaculla - Treoir 1976(1)
  • Janet E. McCrickard, The Bodhrán (ISBN 1-870500-15-6).
  • David Such, (1985) the bodhrán: the black sheep in the family of traditional Irish Musical instruments - Galpin Society Journal #38
  • Micheal O Suilleabhain articles in treoir Dublin Mar / Apr 1974 & vol 6#5

Owned or already referenced

  • Articles or books on or referencing the bodhrán
    • Rina schiller (1999) 'The bodhrán and the Lambeg' - Pub. Institute of Irish Studies, Queens University of Belfast. isbn 0-85389-797-2

  • Instructional


  • Bodhrán material Sought
    • Joan DiBlasi, bodhrán 101-derful
    • Mance Grady, Playing the Irish Drum: Getting Started.
    • Malachy Kearns, Wallup!, Roundstone Musical Instruments, 1996 (ISBN 0-9528788-0-1)
    • Mel Mercier with Seamus Egan, Bodhrán and Bones.
    • Robin M. Smith, Power Bodhrán Techniques: A New Approach to the Celtic Drum.
    • Tony Sullivan, Learn to Play the Bodhrán.
    • Thistle and Shamrock, program 494, Skin & Bone (12 November 1992)