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leif1.jpg (27631 bytes) Leif Madsen (or so you'd think)

Computer Technician (Student in Telecommunications Technology)

Ontario, Canada

I love music - everything from George Thorogood, StevieRay Vaughn, BB King to Miles Davis, Bird, Brubek to Amon Tobin, Galactic,MMW to Lords of Acid, Skinny Puppy, Fear Factory to Tool, RATM, One Minute Silence. Music is endless and so are my tastes.

Born 01/07/1981 in Ontario, Canada. Was originally part of atest tube baby experiment until things went horribly wrong. Am the lastsurviving member of the first group and now depend on carbonated beveragesto sustain life.

Also went to Japan to represent Canada in the 22nd All-Japan Senior High

School Cultural Festival in a jazz choir (as drummer)

Hey.. it's the only part on my face that I can get to grow hair.  :)

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