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Occupation: Day job: practicing board-certified urologic surgeon; founder & senior associate of busy five-man urologic group.
Nights and Weekends: Serious jazz drumming weekend warrior peforming regularly with jazz quartet "b.d.bop Jazz Project" & freelancing drummer locally.

Musical Interests: Bebop, hard bop, nouveau swing and straight ahead jazz. Influences include Jeff Hamilton, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Carl Allen, Mickey Roker, Victor Lewis, Joe Farnsworth, Grady Tate, Bill Goodwin, Peter Erskine, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Tommy Igoe, Ringo, Buddy, Bonzo and a host of others...

Biography: Born & raised & trained medically in New York City; Playing drums since age 12; studied set drumming with Clyde "Batom" Lucas (Illinois Jacquet Big Band, first drum teacher of Omar Hakim, etc.).

Endorsements: Endorsed by my English Bulldog "Doc", my Sphynx (hairless) cat "Ichabod", my talkative African Gray parrot "Tookey" and, LBNL, my darling wife.
Gear: Strictly Gretsch drums; Regal Tip sticks & brushes; Spizzichino, Bosphorus and K. Zildjian cymbals (first series American K's, Canadian K's and "old K's" only); Canopus Zelkova, Dunnett (Titanium and African Mahogany solid shell) & Brady Jarrah Ply snare drums; DW nylon strap pedals; Evans drumheads.

Geography: Reside in the wooded mountains of north central Pennsylvania (Williamsport - home of the Little League World Series).

Mark on the Dojo


Istanbul Nostalga Cymbals - December 2001

Brady 5.5x14 Jarrah Ply Turtleback Gloss snare drum

Brady 6.5x14 Jarrah Ply Wandoo Burl Gloss snare drum

Brady Jarrah Ply 5.5 x14 Fiddleback snare

Spirit 6.5 x 13 Ironwood Solid Snare Drum