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nickamoroso1.jpg (9948 bytes)Nick Amoroso - Soulbelly

occupation: drummer/perc ussionist; songwriter;

musical interests: you know... ;that band? drummer plays a blue kit. they do that song.

biog: born in may. few thousand days back. big cars. beanbag chairs. abby hoffman.

silver fox drumsticks; band-aid brand bandages; the execuchute; easy cheese.

Geography: Los Angeles, California, USA


Nick on the Dojo

Canopus 6.5x13 Zelkova snare drum

Dunnett 5 x 13 Stainless Steel snare

Dunnett 5.5 x 14 Cherry Snare

Dunnett 8 x 14 Titanium snare

Tempus orange glitter drum set